I like coffee. A lot. There – admitted. After all, that is the first step with any problem or addiction. However, am I really addicted to it or do I just really, really like coffee?

I didn’t always like it. You can say that about many things though, right? At some point in your life you didn’t like or enjoy something or someone, then months or years later you you find yourself indulging/enjoying that thing you thought or said you would never do. Be it coffee, certain type of food, type of car, family member that you didn’t get along with, a game or tv show… You name it.

If you look at how I (and maybe you) came to enjoy coffee, it’s a slow progression of liking it. Same with beer. I hated the taste of beer (still sort of do, so vodka might be the better alcohol choice). I couldn’t stand it. Too yeasty, hoppy, and sometimes malty. Cheap tasting. But then the more and more I drank it, I came to like it.

Taylor Swift. As I sit and write this at my local #Starbucks (I say local because they now know me by name ) they are playing a Taylor Swift best hits album. I remember I couldn’t stand her. The people next to me and outside the window are staring at me for lip-syncing every song… (you’re on the phone with your girlfriend, she’s upset…)

I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee. Didn’t drink it. I would occasionally drink the sweet, frozen drinks. But that was it. The school I worked at in Moscow had a free cappuccino machine for the first 3-ish months when I started there. I found myself tired and more tired (due to the awesome nightlife of Moscow) each morning. That’s when I started drinking 1 cappuccino every morning.


Then 1 started drinking 2 in the morning… then 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon… then 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon… You see how it slowly builds?That’s how it is.

I then moved to the frozen drinks more regularly. A great coffee house in Moscow, Шоколадница (Shokoladnitsa) had amazing frozen coffee drinks. I also became a regular there and they knew me by name. It even got to a point where I’d walk in and they asked me if it was my regular order and all I had to say was yes. #greatserviceinMoscow

Shokoladnitsa – frozen coffee drink with Oreos.

Now I drink my coffee black. Just like I like my… color of my ink pens. What were you thinking? Keep it clean will you? This is a “G” rated blog…

Sometimes I’ll treat myself with an iced coffee, 2 pumps of the classic, with a splash of whole milk. I’ve only had 1 PSL and 2 peppermint mochas. 90% it’s warm, black coffee. I surprising like the deep, dark, rich flavor of coffee. Five years ago it was gross. Medium or dark roast is what I prefer. Typically 3 cups in the morning and 1 in the afternoon for a pick-up.

What about you? How do you like your coffee? How much do you drink in a week?