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Five Years Ago

Question: do you ever look back on your calendar to see what you were doing on that day? I’ve done this long before Facebook had their memories feature. Even that isn’t 100% accurate because it’s based on when you posted and not necessarily the actually day of the post. Anyways….

I like to randomly look back on previous years on a day to see what I was doing, who I was having lunch with, what my work schedule was, etc. Since I’m an Apple nerd and have used iCal for at least 10 years, I’ve kept track of the majority of my life. It’s totally meaningless today – I get that. However, it is fun to remember. For me at least.

What was I doing five years ago today? That’s a great question and a time that started a new chapter in my life. A chapter that I like to reread over and over again and live the memories. Five years ago today, I hopped on a plane with about $800 and moved to Moscow.

I can remember the excitement (see image above is a screenshot of my Vlog update from 2013) that I was feeling and the not-so-much excitement my friends and family were feeling. For them, Russia was (and still is in some people’s mind) a horrible and unsafe place. It is dangerous and too many bears walk the streets that will eat you alive. I tell people to this day that I felt safer living in Moscow than I did in New Orleans.

Living in Russia changed my life forever. I met my beautiful wife there, learned how to communicate with others who don’t speak your language (comes in handy sometimes in Dallas), and learn to appreciate other cultures, world views, and religions. I desperately wish others could have the experiences and mindset shift change that I had living in Russia. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll travel with me other there (whenever that’ll be…).

What were you doing five years ago today?