I broke the streak last week. I logged back into social media. Really it was Facebook and VK. I haven’t done Instagram or my Twitter accounts (yes, accounts… meaning more than 1) yet. Not sure if I will or not.

Why did I break my 2.5 month streak? I was just curious really. It wasn’t like I was losing sleep or had the urge to log back in. It was more or less to see what was going on and what has changed. To be honest, nothing. I was actually a bit overwhelmed and quickly logged off. Since the initial log in, I’ve logged in 3 times. Days apart. And I don’t have any urge or desire to mindlessly scroll through, generally speaking, useless feeds.

Sure Facebook added a cool looking animation when you like something. Remember when Facebook would update their UI like every 3 months back in the day? No? Maybe I’m just old šŸ˜†

What I am going to do, though, is link my blog to the social media. I will continue to not check my accounts (minus VK because that seems to be the only way to reach out to some of my Russian friends), and have my blog post on my feeds.

It has been so good living without social media for 2.5 months. I’ve found lots of free time (but filled it up with other useless stuff), was happier knowing that I wouldn’t get in mental debates with people, called people and actually spoke to them on the phone, and even maintained my world news and what was happening without reading fake stories or click bate articles. See, you can live without social media.

Funny, though, that I will use it to post/advertise new blog posts. Doesn’t matter. I’m not bashing social media. I think it’s good for what it was meant to do and can be a very effective tool in various ways. However, I need to not get sucked into the trap of having the urge of how many likes, shares, comments, etc. I get. Also, how easy is it to create a false reality? Most people only post the good and then you start comparing yourself which leads down a very dangerous path.

All that being said, enjoy reading MY useless feeds and thoughts…. even if you landed here via social media! šŸ™‚