Ok – this isn’t another blog about how much I like Russia, still can’t get over it, would move back (even though it’s a bit unrealistic at this moment), miss the food, travel, amazing nights of fun, public transportation, attempting to speak Russian, etc. While all of that is true, I want to go a bit political here.

You can’t turn on the news or pick up a newspaper (there are still a few around) and not read about this whole Russian investigation. It’s so annoying, and I’m over it. You keep hearing that the Russians meddled with the elections and influenced the outcome. But what did they really do and what does that mean exactly? I know every federal agency said they did it, but come on, how easy is it to re-route an IP address and just point fingers. I starting typing this blog while I was in Switzerland siting on my couch in Texas. And you think the Russians are that dumb? They are much smarter than we think.

I was listening to the news the other day and they mentioned that fake social media accounts were set-up and created fake news to sway people and change their thinking. Two initial thoughts about this: 1) It’s not that hard (nor illegal) to create multiple accounts. I have a few, and 2) shouldn’t this show you how ignorant the general American population is? If people aren’t smart enough to check the facts, do a little research, and only base their personal/political opinions off social media feeds, then they are dumb. I’m sorry. A perfect example is when you see that a celebrity has died. I saw that Arnold Schwarzenegger died last week in a re-share. Didn’t take me all but 15 seconds to figure out that wasn’t true. A complete side note here, you’ll probably use this argument to what I’m saying against me.

Not only that, quite frankly, President Putin doesn’t really care about internal, domestic issues. If you haven’t had the chance, I highly recommend you watch Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews. In the last episode (there’s only 4), they talk about the elections. Here’s a bit of the dialogue:

Stone: You’ve gone through four U.S. presidents: Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump. What changes?

Putin: Almost nothing. Your bureaucracy is very strong and it is that bureaucracy that rules the world. There is change…when they bring us to the cemetery to bury us.

Stone: Our political leadership and NATO all believe you hacked the election.

Putin: We didn’t hack the election at all. It would be hard to imagine any country, even Russia, being capable of seriously influencing the U.S. election. Someone hacked the DNC, but I don’t think it influenced the election. What came through was not a lie. They were not trying to fool anybody. People who want to manipulate public opinion will blame Russia. But Trump had his finger on the pulse of the Midwest voter and knew how to pull at their hearts. Those who have been defeated shouldn’t be shifting blame to someone else….We are not waiting for any revolutionary changes.

President Putin is right. President Trump out played the lackadaisical Democrats. The DNC IT system was weak. People are shifting blame. He stated elsewhere in the interviews that our presidents change every 4 or 8 years, but our policies rarely do.

Later President Putin says, “It almost feels like hatred of a certain ethnic group, like antisemitism. They are always blaming Russians, like antisemites are always blaming the Jews.” I’m going to write about that in another blog, this Russophobia our media and country creates, in a future post. Let me stay on topic and not pull a President Trump and switch topics every 45 seconds.

Alright. We know the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee found that, after 14 months (think of all your money and the time wasted), there was no collusion with the 2 presidents. However, they said they “meddled” with the elections. Understand that this means they didn’t change the numbers of ballots cast, hacked the voting systems, have dead people vote (remember that one…), or rigged the electoral college’s votes. They have allegedly created fake social media accounts, posted news to divide the country, and spent a significantly less amount of money than the candidates did while having a stronger impact.

My initial thoughts on this are: 1) Shouldn’t this, again, tell you how ignorant we are and how we are too lazy to do research? 2) People are easily persuaded and manipulable. 3) Our technology is weak. 4) We should probably just ban freedom of speech and social media to eliminate this whole issue (read that one sarcastically). 5) The numbers don’t lie. Trump won. Get over it. Smarten up. And vote better and smarter in 2020 (myself included in this).

What are people hoping that will happen? Trump to be removed as president? Social media to limit or block our 1st Amendment rights? Auto-delete posts and comments with certain words and links (that’s starting to happen already)? News outlet to be bought with and told what to say by the government? Limit who can and can’t run for president? Starting to sound like current Russia.

Here’s my overall thought and opinion. We can’t play the innocent victim. The US has, undoubtedly, done the exact same thing in the past, present, and will continue to. We sway other elections and outcomes in other countries to make it fit our agenda. A quick Google search and you’ll find this article, this, this article, this article, and this article. Really you can just click this Google search and choose. Again – do the research and come up with your own conclusion. I am convinced we do. If you think it was wrong for Russia to do it, where’s the outcry, hatred speech, soap box comments for when the US does it?

I think what makes me so annoyed by this whole thing is, is we always hear “the Russians.” Russians. Russians. The Russians have. The Russians are accused of. The Russians. Russians. Russians. Russians… It’s annoying and frustrating. This causes, in our subconscious, to think negatively about Russia and Russians. But who? Who is doing this? Stop blanketing a statement over a population of people and country. Substitute Russians for any other word and you’ll see how ridiculous it sounds. Shoes. Bananas. Carpets. Doors. Maine. Californians… wait, Californians are weird, so, yeah that works.

I’m sure you have lots of comments, objections, thoughts, and your own opinion. Luckily we live in a country where I can post this and you can have your thoughts about it (same in Russia FYI). News and social media are funny things, and somewhere in there lies the truth. And as we often say in church, the truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.