Going over 2 years now of being back. I know you’re thinking, “Get over it!” It’s hard too. I truly enjoyed my time in Russia and it will forever hold a special place in heart. I’ve blogged about my struggles in the past with being back here in case you missed it.

One of things I miss the most is the food. Yes. I miss the metro. The “rudeness”. The winter! While all of that is hard to bring to the states, what isn’t hard is the cuisine. I miss borscht (beet soup), metro pastries, mayo salads, shashlik, pirozhki, and honey cake. Plus, all the central Asian dishes. Oh man!

We have most of the ingredients and foods here. Potatoes, cabbage, meat (referring to all types of meat), and fruit. Some of it is different in taste though. For example, dairy. Although Russian cheese is pretty bland, their yogurts, “cottage cheese”, and mayonnaise is amazing.

Because I enjoy cooking, I’ve decided to just make my own. We live in Dallas and one would think we’d have many options for Russian cuisine. We don’t. There’s only 2 places to my knowledge that serve Russian and Central Asian cuisine, and one of them was so-so (went there in 2011, so it may be different now).

Plus, I like to eat, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Now, it’s not perfect and most dishes are time consuming but, as they say, with practice it’ll get better.

I try to do something different each weekend. This weekend I’m making сосиски в тесте (sausage roll). It’s pigs in a blanket where I’m from – not the breakfast one but the hot dog version. It translates to “sausage” but they use hot dogs… maybe it is sausages in Russia, but it tasted like a hot dog to me. Although I’m not making the hot dogs myself, I did make the dough.

Anyways, it’s fun. Not only do I have a wife to try my food, but I have a few friends who are from Belarus and Moldova who try my treats. They more or less eat the same cuisine as in Russia, so if they like it, then I know it’s good. If everyone likes it, then I know I’ve found the right recipe and technique.

The only thing I haven’t tried to really make yet are desserts. Some of the cakes look very challenging to make. I enjoy baking out of a box. Who doesn’t, right? Problem is they don’t sell Russian cake mixes at Kroger or Wal-mart. Some of these desserts seem easy on paper, but when it comes to the execution part I’m not so sure. Maybe next week I’ll try a cake…