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Five Years Ago

Question: do you ever look back on your calendar to see what you were doing on that day? I’ve done this long before Facebook had their memories feature. Even that isn’t 100% accurate because it’s based on when you posted and not necessarily the actually day of the post. Anyways….

I like to randomly look back on previous years on … Read Full Post

✔︎ One Month

I have completed my 1 month of no social media. Let me clarify that, I haven’t logged into Facebook, VK, Instagram, or Twitter in a month. I still use LinkedIn for work. However, let’s be honest… LinkedIn is boring and nothing exciting happens on there. I use it strictly for work to grow my business network of people I don’t … Read Full Post

English as a Second Language

Have you ever had a job, internship, summer mission trip, anything and after a period of time of either leaving or finishing that thing, you want to do it again?

Many of you know that I spent just over 2 years living in Moscow teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). That life changing experience was amazing, and I find … Read Full Post

Social Media Update – Day 4

It’s been 4 days since I haven’t logged into any social media. To say it’s been easy is an understatement but to say it’s been hard is an overstatement.

It’s somewhere in between. I have found myself in boredom wanting to just log in and see what’s going on. Not like it would matter if I logged in or not … Read Full Post

Social Media Break Begins

Let me state the obvious – I’m not the only person to write about this, do this, etc. There. Got it out.

So why I am taking a break for 1 month of social media? Good question. I’ve come to realize that I spend way too much time on it. Wasting time really. I find myself just blindly scrolling through … Read Full Post