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Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 has come and gone. That was quick! This year, we planned on having 2 Thanksgiving meals. One was a lunch on Thursday and the other a dinner Saturday night. Since we had 4 days off work, it sounded like an easy task and we were up for the mission.

Because I’ve been in a cooking mood lately, I … Read Full Post

 ☕️Coffee ☕️

I like coffee. A lot. There – admitted. After all, that is the first step with any problem or addiction. However, am I really addicted to it or do I just really, really like coffee?

I didn’t always like it. You can say that about many things though, right? At some point in your life you didn’t like or enjoy … Read Full Post

Russian Cuisine

Going over 2 years now of being back. I know you’re thinking, “Get over it!” It’s hard too. I truly enjoyed my time in Russia and it will forever hold a special place in heart. I’ve blogged about my struggles in the past with being back here in case you missed it.

One of things I miss the most is … Read Full Post

31st Birthday

Guess who was the Birthday Boy?! This past Tuesday I celebrated the big 3-1. Yup… I’m now a full year into my 30s. Since I’m not on social media still, I’ll say “thank you” to everyone here for wishing me a happy birthday.

We actually celebrated it on Saturday. I know… sort of bad luck or it doesn’t really count … Read Full Post

Blue Apron Experience

When it comes to meal delivery services, it seems like our options are more and more. Just do a quick Google search for “meal delivery service“, and let your imagination soar. We’ve thought about giving meal delivery service a try, but never got around to it. Then we kept seeing ads for Blue Apron in the movie theatre … Read Full Post