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Tag: Jesus

Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally here. Well, almost here. It’s a couple of days before, but I’m deep in the Christmas mood. Every year I start listening to Christmas music on November 1st. That’s right… November 1st. Don’t be that person that says, “That’s way to soon. You’re skipping right over Thanksgiving!” I beg to differ. Have you read this post?… Read Full Post

Baptism Day

On Monday, July 17th, 2017, I was baptized and publicly declared my faith and trust in Jesus (video and testimony below). It was a great night filled with happiness, tears, and laughter.

I was raised in the Lutheran church and was therefore baptized as an infant. I don’t have anything against it or think that it’s right or wrong, but … Read Full Post

Can Russia Change? (repost)

A couple of weeks ago, a great friend of mine living on mission in Moscow with his wife sent me a blog post. Side note, click here to see how they are changing Moscow and/or support them. Anyways, the post really got me thinking. A lot.

Many of you know how I feel about Russia, the culture, the food, the … Read Full Post

Thoughts On “Exercise”

Remember that one time I posted about New Year resolution check-ins? That was fun. I was so excited when I ran 5 miles without stopping. Well… I have yet to do that again. Not even 4 miles.

This has been an interesting summer so far. There’s 1 month left, and I feel like I didn’t accomplish a whole lot … Read Full Post

I’m Sorry… What?

Welcome back! I know you’ve been waiting every day to read my next post. Losing sleep. Then getting frustrated that I haven’t written anything in over 7 months. No? I tried.

I’ve been busy. Life has been crazy here in Moscow these past few months. Been traveling, working, hanging out with friends, and trying to see as much of Moscow … Read Full Post