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Five Years Ago

Question: do you ever look back on your calendar to see what you were doing on that day? I’ve done this long before Facebook had their memories feature. Even that isn’t 100% accurate because it’s based on when you posted and not necessarily the actually day of the post. Anyways….

I like to randomly look back on previous years on … Read Full Post

The Start of the Snowy Season Through Instagram – MT

Look at the snow! Miss the beauty of Moscow in the wintertime. People always say, “It’s so cold! How can like winter there?” My response is always, “That’s why we have coats, hats, gloves, and scarfs. Plus, buildings in Moscow are meant for winter and it’s so hot inside!”

Click to see the photos on The Moscow Times: The Start Read Full Post

 ☕️Coffee ☕️

I like coffee. A lot. There – admitted. After all, that is the first step with any problem or addiction. However, am I really addicted to it or do I just really, really like coffee?

I didn’t always like it. You can say that about many things though, right? At some point in your life you didn’t like or enjoy … Read Full Post

7 things that will surprise you about the new park near the Kremlin

This park looks pretty amazing. Next time I’m in Moscow, this is definitely on the top of my list!

7 things that will surprise you about the new park near the Kremlin – Russia BeyondRead Full Post

English as a Second Language

Have you ever had a job, internship, summer mission trip, anything and after a period of time of either leaving or finishing that thing, you want to do it again?

Many of you know that I spent just over 2 years living in Moscow teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). That life changing experience was amazing, and I find … Read Full Post