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Tag: photos

The Start of the Snowy Season Through Instagram – MT

Look at the snow! Miss the beauty of Moscow in the wintertime. People always say, “It’s so cold! How can like winter there?” My response is always, “That’s why we have coats, hats, gloves, and scarfs. Plus, buildings in Moscow are meant for winter and it’s so hot inside!”

Click to see the photos on The Moscow Times: The Start Read Full Post

Russian Cuisine

Going over 2 years now of being back. I know you’re thinking, “Get over it!” It’s hard too. I truly enjoyed my time in Russia and it will forever hold a special place in heart. I’ve blogged about my struggles in the past with being back here in case you missed it.

One of things I miss the most is … Read Full Post

Blue Apron Experience

When it comes to meal delivery services, it seems like our options are more and more. Just do a quick Google search for “meal delivery service“, and let your imagination soar. We’ve thought about giving meal delivery service a try, but never got around to it. Then we kept seeing ads for Blue Apron in the movie theatre … Read Full Post

Moscow Parks

The last couple of weekends in Moscow have been absolutely gorgeous!  Because of the nice weather and wanting to get out of my apartment, I decided to visit a couple of parks.

I never was a park person.  Not sure why.  Maybe because most of the parks in the cities I’ve lived in where kind of boring.  Nothing exciting. … Read Full Post