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Tag: Russian

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 has come and gone. That was quick! This year, we planned on having 2 Thanksgiving meals. One was a lunch on Thursday and the other a dinner Saturday night. Since we had 4 days off work, it sounded like an easy task and we were up for the mission.

Because I’ve been in a cooking mood lately, I … Read Full Post


We have said our ‘goodbyes’ to Moscow. Goodbye for this year that is. I know we’ll be back to the Motherland, it’s just a matter of when, why, and for how long. Anyways, this time around has been rather amazing and wonderful.

It’s amazing how fast two years can go by. It feels like yesterday I was at the airport … Read Full Post

One Year and Counting…Up

I have officially lived in Russia now for 1 year. One year and 3 days to be exact. At first when I told people that I lived in Russia, it was a great feeling. A feeling that says, “I’m literally living half-way around the world.” Now, there’s another feeling that is involved. There still is the other feeling, that … Read Full Post

Language of Russian

I have now been living in Moscow for almost 6 months! How crazy is that? It literally feels like yesterday I was saying goodbye to my parents at Midway Airport in Chicago, crying, and full of curiosity and nerves as to what this new chapter will be like.

I must say that I have been having so much fun here. … Read Full Post