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It’s A Small World – Lessons from Disney

A few weeks back, we took a weekend vacation to the happiest place on earth. No –  Not IKEA or Lambert’s Restaurant. Disney World. I love Disney World. Ever since I was kid, I’ve always enjoyed Disney movies, the parks, their imagine, and so on. I know I don’t have to explain anymore. Disney is just simply awesome.

One of … Read Full Post

Russia, Russia, Россия

Ok – this isn’t another blog about how much I like Russia, still can’t get over it, would move back (even though it’s a bit unrealistic at this moment), miss the food, travel, amazing nights of fun, public transportation, attempting to speak Russian, etc. While all of that is true, I want to go a bit political here.

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✔︎ One Month

I have completed my 1 month of no social media. Let me clarify that, I haven’t logged into Facebook, VK, Instagram, or Twitter in a month. I still use LinkedIn for work. However, let’s be honest… LinkedIn is boring and nothing exciting happens on there. I use it strictly for work to grow my business network of people I don’t … Read Full Post

Baptism Day

On Monday, July 17th, 2017, I was baptized and publicly declared my faith and trust in Jesus (video and testimony below). It was a great night filled with happiness, tears, and laughter.

I was raised in the Lutheran church and was therefore baptized as an infant. I don’t have anything against it or think that it’s right or wrong, but … Read Full Post

Social Media Update – Day 4

It’s been 4 days since I haven’t logged into any social media. To say it’s been easy is an understatement but to say it’s been hard is an overstatement.

It’s somewhere in between. I have found myself in boredom wanting to just log in and see what’s going on. Not like it would matter if I logged in or not … Read Full Post