Thanksgiving 2017 has come and gone. That was quick! This year, we planned on having 2 Thanksgiving meals. One was a lunch on Thursday and the other a dinner Saturday night. Since we had 4 days off work, it sounded like an easy task and we were up for the mission.

Because I’ve been in a cooking mood lately, I wanted to cook (from scratch) as much as possible. Thursday lunch consisted of chicken, cornbread casserole, and cheesy potatoes. We also had rolls and salad. It was simple, easy, and yet amazingly delicious.

Saturday was a different story. It was what I called our “2nd annual Russian speaking Thanksgiving”. We hosted our amazing friends who are so dear to us for a “traditional” meal. Even though the dishes weren’t too difficult, they were definitely time consuming. I made the turkey, brown butter mashed potatoes (not instant), green bean casserole (made my own cream of mushrooms), dressing (not from a box), roasted vegetables (I did all the cutting), and crab salad.

I built the whole meal up with a surprise. They thought the 19 pound turkey was the surprise because it was the biggest turkey they’ve seen in their life. However, that would have been a too simple of a surprise. Instead, I went non-American and made a ten-layer Russian honey cake (медовик). This was very time consuming. I actually made it Friday and it took about 5 hours total… The first time is always the longest, right? 😉

Everyone who was going to eat this cake grew-up enjoying it with a cup of tea. It had to be spot on and perfect. It’s equivalent to if a foreigner who only ate apple pie a couple of times while living in America and decided to make it for dessert for their friends who ate apple pie at least once a month since they were born. But not just any apple pie, Grandma’s secret recipe apple pie. If it sucks, then everyone will be left very disappointed and confused why this foreigner decided to make a dessert for the first time to end an amazing meal. However, if it’s spot on and near perfect, everyone will remember the whole meal and especially the pie. That’s the pressure I felt I put on myself. However, I need to venture into the Russian desserts somehow, so why not start with a difficult cake?

They were definitely surprised and, at first, thought that I didn’t make it. They thought I ordered it! haha 😂 However, I did make it and it was absolutely spot on. Restaurant quality

to say the least.

If you are wondering if I’m taking orders… not yet. I’ll let you know. The honey cake was the best way to end our “2nd annual Russian speaking Thanksgiving.” Everything was bigger and better than last year. Now I need to start thinking about how I’m going to top next year’s dinner. I’m open to any suggestions.

What was memorable about your 2017 Thanksgiving?